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Iphone wholesale

Inventory Details

Brands & Carriers

We process Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC, LG, and many other brands. All carrier locked devices that arrive at our facility are unlocked and tested for international use. We carry various device conditions from brand new to repair stock and even salvaged units. Please refer to our Grading Guidelines page for a description of each condition.

Data Sanitization

Devices sold come with clean IMEI/ESN and are free from iCloud and Google locks, guaranteed. Data sanitization is a top priority here at MassMobile, so devices are wiped clean with commercial grade software to protect our customers and their customers.

Grading Guidelines

Check out our Grading Guidelines for a descriptive listing on MassMobile condition standards for all devices.

Our Mobile phone Solutions

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Our wholesale distribution spans over 70 cities all around the globe and counting. If you are a trader, retailer, or other organization located in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East and Africa; we have the warehousing and logistics to supply you with the mobile devices and other electronics you need. We competitively source the majority of our products within the U.S. through trusted partners and we are able to pass along the profits to you without sacrificing quality. Although we focus on Apple and Samsung products, we have access to most brands and models that can be available to you upon request.

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MassTrade combines key aspects of retail-geared reverse logistics into a single user friendly interface. We designed our program with wireless carriers in mind, no matter if you are corporate or a third party seller. Independent retailers, MVNOs, and device protection providers all benefit from our solution driven by the bottom line. We don’t sacrifice speed for maximum revenue because in today’s retial landscape, noth aspects are needed to ensure a competitive advantage.

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MassMobile provides end-to-end solutions for corporations, government agencies, and other entities with employee deployed devices. Regardless if the device is reaching its lease-end or is in need of repairs or replacement, our seamless process from acquisition to servicing to redeployment has your organization in mind. By automating most of the recovery process through our proprietary software, you can rest assured that workflow redundancies will be eliminated to provide as little interruption to your daily operations as possible. We follow stringent industry standards when it comes to data and privacy, so any device in our possession is erased with a comprehensive data disposition tool to be certain that 100% of content is erased. Our asset recovery software will help you take the guesswork out of all steps in the process. No one wants to be kept in the dark, especially when it comes to the handling of high value assets. Contact us today for any of your corporate asset recovery needs.

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MassMobile provides device repair solutions to a wide variety of operations. No matter if you’re an independent retailer, multi-location authorized reseller, or SMB to enterprise level corporation; our repair solutions can scale up or down to tailor to your organization’s exact needs. We provide in-house refurbishing of cracked OEM Apple and Samsung screens with state-of- the-art machinery out of our Dallas-Fort Worth warehouse that will ensure faster turnaround than exporting to China.

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MassMobile values building viable, long-term relationships above all else. Our efforts become a tool to positively impact your profitability and sustainability, and in return, we grow alongside you as your organization thrives.