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Our Difference



Data Sanitization

We make sure your organization’s sensitive information is completely wiped prior to any remarketing efforts.

Environmentally Friendly

We recycle in adherence to strict industry standards. There are billions of devices, but only one Planet Earth.

Advanced Technology

Tech drives us. Our proprietary solution integrates data sanitization, ESN validation, and software and component testing. Did we mention this information is within reach to you with a couple clicks?

Serialized Tracking

Enterprise level inventory management keeps track of your assets’ every move.

Real Time Data Pricing

No more guesswork. Get real-time pricing according to secondary market valuations.

Maximize Asset Value

Not all devices are created equal. Get paid more for higher dollar devices to recuperate as much value as possible.

Account Management

Don’t just take our word for it. Login to your unique dashboard to see any accounting, inventory, shipping, or open tickets in front of you.

Fast Turnaround

With our technology and lean warehousing, fulfillment of orders is rapid and results in ultra-fast payments.




Is your organization looking to implement a BYOD, CYOD, or COPE approach to your deployed mobility after your current lease ends? Did you know trade-in values for mobile devices in the secondary market outweigh what the service providers offer? MassMobile can recover more residual cash value for the used devices and offer the latest, cutting-edge devices at wholesale values as a replacement. We also work with IT managers to help decipher which mobility methodology best suits the business needs for post trade-in implementation.



When it comes to device disposition, we treat every unit with accountability and transparency. Before destroying or recycling your damaged assets, we make certain proper data destruction practices are followed. Each device is issued a serialized certificate to document what was received, what was recycled, and what was destroyed. Our disposition service follows industry standards and keeps the environment in mind.



Our re-marketing service revolves around two value propositions – fast turnaround and high value recovery. Current industry timeframes range anywhere from two to three months on average with less than average returns. At MassMobile, we have addressed these issues by harnessing a network of over 200 global buyers to facilitate our sales cycle. With this many trusted buyers, we can recover more value from your assets and pass these yields on to you. With an industry leading 21-day turnaround, you can rest assured that your depreciating assets will not continue to lose value, unnecessarily.

Let us add value to your organization’s mobility!


MassMobile values building viable, long-term relationships above all else. Our efforts become a tool to positively impact your profitability and sustainability, and in return, we grow alongside you as your organization thrives.