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Wholesale Mobile Phones

Used Mobile Phone Distribution 

Our wholesale distribution spans over 70 cities all around the globe and counting. If you are a trader, retailer, or other organization located in the Americas, Europe, Asia, or the Middle East and Africa; we have the warehousing and logistics to supply you with the mobile devices and other electronics you need. We competitively source the majority of our products within the U.S. through trusted partners and we are able to pass along the profits to you without sacrificing quality. Although we focus on Apple and Samsung products, we have access to most brands and models that can be available to you upon request. 

MassMobile takes an individualized approach to each customer. Not every customer has the same requirements so we stay away from cookie cutter order fulfillment. Our representatives take the time to fully understand your needs; from the device specification to the transportation and even the payment processing. We strive to accommodate and make your experience with MassMobile a pleasant one.


Mobile Phone Purchasing

Our strengths don’t just revolve around selling. Our purchasing ability will help liquidate your unsold inventory and help you regain control of your cash flow. A key factor that separates our purchasing ability from competitors is our payment tiers. The higher the volume that we purchase from you, the more we pay you per unit. We don’t just stop there. Our repeat vendors and other vetted organizations enjoy upfront payment for their devices. Our network of over 200 buyers in over 70 cities worldwide provides diverse outlets and premium pricing that makes our offers practically unbeatable.

Mobile Phones Wholesale

Wholesale selling of mobile devices is the foundation of our company and facilitates our other Solutions & Services. We look at ourselves more than just a supplier but also as an enabler of growth for our customers, no matter what vertical they are in. Retail and ecommerce customers depend on us to increase their product offerings but at competitive pricing to enjoy increased profitability. Traders and other wholesalers look to us for inventory turnover and replenished cash flow. We accommodate the size of the customer and don’t have restrictive terms and can scale our purchasing to help fulfill almost any order.

Graded Mobile Phones

Our quality control team is able to inspect and diagnose thousands of devices on a weekly basis. If you have a small team or are a trader or broker and want to maximize profit margins per unit by processing untested or raw stock, you’ve come to the right place. Our team uses commercial grade software and equipment that inspects over 60 points of the device and cosmetically grades according to industry norms. IMEI/ESN checks are included in the inspection. In additional to processing stock, we also provide repair services for cracked screens, LCD replacement, and replacement of faulty components even down to the motherboard level. Our repair technicians and equipment are sure to increase the value of your devices.


MassMobile values building viable, long-term relationships above all else. Our efforts become a tool to positively impact your profitability and sustainability, and in return, we grow alongside you as your organization thrives.